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As Ban on Most Surprise Medical Bills Takes Effect, Critics Denounce For-Profit Healthcare


“This law would not be needed if we had an everyone covered for everything, zero copay, federal single-payer healthcare system paid for by fair taxes.”

While welcoming a federal ban on most surprise medical bills that went into effect on Saturday, Medicare for All advocates made clear that the new law, which crucially excludes ground ambulances, is only necessary because the United States lacks the superior alternative taken for granted in every other wealthy nation: a single-payer healthcare system.

“While this is good news for consumers, this is necessary because of our complex multi-payer for-profit healthcare system.”

Thanks to the No Surprises Act, a bipartisan piece of legislation passed during the Trump administration and ” fine-tuned ” by the Biden administration, millions of people in the U.S. will be protected from unexpected and costly bills that private-equity-owned providers foist upon patients who inadvertently receive out-of-network care during medical emergencies, the New York Times reported .

“Even with insurance, emergency medical care can still be expensive, and patients with high deductible plans could still face large medical bills,” the Times noted. “But the law will eliminate the risk that an out-of-network doctor or hospital will send an extra bill. Currently, those bills add […]

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