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At a crossroads: the intersection of higher education and corporate training

The stark lines between higher education and corporate training in the e-learning space are starting to blur. The philosophies, methodologies and objectives for teaching and training are vastly different, and, as a result, the technologies that support each have also diverged with very little cross over. Now, corporate training and higher education are discovering there are benefits for both sides when they partner to offer cross-training solutions and share content.

The increased presence of digital learning that has risen during the past year, combined with the need to develop (and redevelop) a skilled workforce, presents opportunities for higher education and corporate training to work together. The challenge is bridging the technology gap, as the systems that support these distinct learners have never had to work and play nicely together.

Distinct approaches

Higher education focuses on teaching foundational concepts and tends to be more abstract, whereas employee training provides hands-on, practical experiences that go beyond having knowledge of a subject. While the two are quite often complementary, learning is more theoretical while training is about practical application and skills development.

In order to understand the technological variances between higher education and corporate learning management systems, it’s helpful to review some of the […]

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