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Atlanta physicians tell us how healthcare will (or should) change after the pandemic

It’s time to reflect on what’s happened and, more importantly, how to prevent it from happening again. Photograph by Ben Rollins Jermaine Jackson, MD ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE
Jermaine Jackson, MD
Pulmonologist and critical care specialist
Piedmont Healthcare
Piedmont Pulmonary Covid-19 Recovery Clinic

Around July of 2020, we started exploring what happens to [Covid] patients once they are out of the hospital. That was the genesis for what we have now termed a Covid recovery clinic. At that time, the nomenclature of “long-hauler syndrome” was not in existence—we did not know that was something that would happen.

In November 2020, we opened the doors of our Covid recovery clinic. The purpose was to deal with both the recovery and the long-hauler phase for those who have prolonged or protracted symptoms, typically defined as about 12 weeks after infection. So far, we’ve had right at about 1,400 referrals to our clinic.
The pandemic has exposed some things related to the delivery of healthcare services. We have to recognize that, globally, there is an inadequate healthcare workforce. There are not enough physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, and other ancillary services. The entire system is woefully understaffed. We’re going to have […]

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