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Australia, Europe & Asia host a vast array of LGBTQ leaders. Meet some of them now


To talk about Australia, Europe and Asia in the same breath is difficult. One of the land masses is enormous, a continent and country in one, pushing alone toward the south pole. Europe, on the other hand, is a conglomeration of nations and city-states which has staked a contentious claim to being the center of civilization for more than a thousand years. Between the two is magnanimous Asia with its vast cultural underpinnings.

Yet, despite significant geographical and linguistic differences, the three continents share at least one strong bond – a dedication to equity and equality for LGBTQ+ people.

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Australia’s march toward guaranteeing rights for LGBTQ people began with several pushes and pulls, not truly gaining momentum until the last decade. But, by 2016, most states and territories passed legislation allowing for gender marker changes on birth certificates, and in 2017 the courts ruled in favor of permitting transgender minors to receive medical treatment for their dysphoria. In 2017, the Australian parliament amended the marriage law to confer the right to marry to same-sex couples.

As queer populations everywhere know, the fight for rights is a continuous […]

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