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Author discusses her new book on how to use design thinking to change community colleges.


The pandemic has been devastating to many community colleges, with lost enrollment and declining revenue. But Carrie B. Kisker sees this as a time for community colleges to reform themselves, however much their budgets may be hurting. Kisker, an education consultant and a director of the Center for the Study of Community Colleges, outlines her vision in Creating Entrepreneurial Community Colleges (Harvard Education Press). She responded to questions about her book via email.

Q: Many community colleges operate without enough money and with various duties (only some of which make sense) assigned to them by their state and local communities. In this environment, how can community colleges think about the issues you raise?

A: Community colleges in nearly every state in the nation have experienced a disinvestment by state or local governments over the last several decades, a pattern that has intensified since the Great Recession in 2008. Indeed, as data from the Delta Project show, in 2017, states were appropriating roughly $2,000 less per student than they had been in 2001. And yet the expectations placed on community colleges have only increased. A 2013 report from the Century Foundation summed up the issue nicely: “A central problem […]

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