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Automating ‘high level’ healthcare tasks can create high value savings


With the recent influx of data across the healthcare industry, the time to fully implement artificial intelligence and machine learning is now, according to Brandon Sim, the chief technology officer and chief operating officer at ApolloMed, a tech-powered healthcare management company

“Especially because recent CMS regulations are going to force electronic health record companies to share their data in a more reasonably accessible fashion,” Sim said. “Just the sheer amount of data that is being collected – the rise of alternative sources of data like remote patient monitoring and wearable devices – make it a very natural fit for using machine learning and AI methods in healthcare.”

Further implementing these technologies into healthcare has the potential to advance preventive care, but for that to be possible, health systems need to adopt “high-level” AI and ML processes, according to Sim.


What health system executives need to do is be open to automation implementation and figure out how to use it best for their patient population, while tech developers also need to work on building better solutions that will make providers want to use them.

LOW-LEVEL VERSUS HIGH-LEVEL AUTOMATION Sim views the different types of tasks that can be assisted […]

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