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Balancing economic growth and the environment: lessons from Brazil


With over 46% of its energy mix coming from renewable resources, Brazil is among the leaders in the global energy transition.

As Brazil continues its clean energy transition progress, how can it balance environmental sustainability with economic growth and development?

In many ways, Brazil is a global leader in the energy transition. Coupled with a strong domestic oil and gas sector that makes up almost 11% of its economy, more than 46% of Brazil’s energy mix is powered by renewable energy sources and Brazil also has the third- largest renewable electricity generation capacity globally. Last year, the World Economic Forum’s Energy Transition Index ranked Brazil at 45 th out of 115 countries, driven by its strong performance in in areas such as near-universal energy access and access to clean cooking fuels, a high degree of energy security and the relatively low carbon-intensity of its energy mix.

Building on this success, three key opportunities have been identified for the next stage of Brazil’s energy transition roadmap: Accelerate the expansion of non-hydro renewables through initiatives such as use of innovative power purchase agreements (PPA), market modernisation, and fossil thermal plant substitution.

Digitalization of transmission and distribution to address resilience and reliability […]

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