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Baseball is back in the On Deck Circle this March 1, 2021


Shelby Weldon/Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Hello and welcome to On Deck Circle for today, Monday, March 1, 2021 . Today marks the beginning of Women’s History Month, Bisexual+ Health Awareness Month and it’s the day my New York Mets start their exhibition spring training games! Your need to read time today is 90-seconds. Today’s LGBTQ Sports History Highlight:

On this day in 1903, Major League Baseball Rules Committee rule that pitcher’s mound must not be more than 15 inches higher than the baselines or home plate. So, it turns out, size does matter! Today’s Outsports Headlines:

Billie Jean King, 1973. Denver Post via Getty Images UCLA Photo by George Rose/Getty Images Philomel Books The cover of Andrew Maraniss’s new biography of Glenn Burke. Getty Shocker: Donald Trump mocks women athletes. Other LGBTQ Sports stories making news…

“Describing it in one word, lifesaving”; Kris Wilka who is transgender talks importance of sports

ESPN catches up to a story we did in Outsports in January: Heard of the Steelers? No, not them, the gay rugby team from London Today’s SB Nation’s top story…

Dan Dakich Getty Top LGBTQ News… Different fight, ‘same goal’: How […]

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