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Being A Non-Conformist In The Era Of Neo-Liberal Education – OpEd


The personal transformation entailed by the adoption of a Communist outlook is a disruptive one. When you make a commitment to the revolutionary overthrow of the entire social order, you always live in conflict with the ideas of the ruling class that control the majority of the people. Such discordance with widely accepted notions results in social humiliation and the precarization of survival. When you boldly refuse to conform to the dehumanizing norms of capitalism and demand the creation of new criteria for the valuation of humanity, you are blocked from the symbolic system of recognition and consigned to the zone of deplorability. This largely negative reaction to the progressive agenda of Communism is an effect of the temporal contradictions that inevitably afflict any Marxist militant. At the same time as you strive for the ruthless abolition of capitalist relations, you can’t help but start the struggle from the muck of the here and now. The future has to be created within the womb of the present .

As Vijay Prashad writes : “The communists who emerge out of… [capitalist] worlds are often talented and bright – those who could make lucrative careers and could be the shining lights of […]

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