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Best Bluetooth audio glasses and sunglasses for 2021

Audio glasses, which have integrated micro speakers and a Bluetooth connection, are proliferating. Bose is leading the way with its Frames audio sunglasses . Amazon is also in the game with its Echo Frames , now on their second generation. A host of other companies, many of which are no-name Chinese manufacturers, have released audio glasses in recent months. Some are geared toward everyday use, allowing you to forego headphones and stealthily listen to audio on the go, while others are designed for runners and bikers who want to leave their ears open to the world for safety reasons.

The truth is, most audio sunglasses don’t sound good, and many sound downright bad, including and especially those that use bone-conduction technology instead of traditional audio drivers. The glasses’ tiny embedded speakers fire audio into your ears and that audio tends to be lacking in the bass and clarity department. The sound is typically on par with what a pair of free earbuds you’d get on a plane would produce — and sometimes it’s worse. They also tend to leak some sound at higher volumes, which means people who are standing nearby can hear your audio.

That said, if you listen to […]

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