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Best cars for tech lovers in 2022


You like technology. We like technology. That’s why we rounded up the best cars for those of you who need the biggest screens, smartest systems and coolest gadgets packed into a car. Our editors did the heavy lifting for you, so you have a simple list to browse as you shop for a new car.

And not everything on this list is wildly expensive, either. You can get a lot of tech for a low price, believe it or not. Check out our picks right down below. Whether you’re talking about the cabin tech or the stuff that lives under the body, there’s all sorts of new technology hiding out in Ford’s first electric Mustang, which just so happens to also be a crossover SUV.

Slide into the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E ‘s cabin and you’re immediately greeted with a honkin’ 15.5-inch portrait display. This screen covers the traditional infotainment duties, but it also hides a wealth of vehicle settings and other related features that let you customize all sorts of vehicle parameters. It’s also Ford’s best iteration of its Sync software to date.

Ford has given the Mach-E’s underlying tech some modularity, too. Want just a single electric motor on the […]

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