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Best cooling mattress toppers for 2022


Once you’ve found the best mattress for how you sleep and you’ve picked out bedding that you love, there’s a third component that can help to make the setup just right. A mattress topper, protector or pad can add an extra shot of comfort to the mix while simultaneously adding years to an otherwise dreary bedroom set. And if you happen to be a hot sleeper, a topper with cooling properties can provide a lot of relief.

Whether you go for a mattress topper with a generous layer of memory foam or a mattress pad or protector with hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant properties is a matter of personal preference, as is the type of cooling you’re after.

Are you adding cushion to a too-hard mattress , and you just need a bit of subtle cooling for your best night’s sleep? Or are you less concerned with cushioning, but a super chilly cooling pad to calm a fever or nighttime hot flashes is more what you need? Give some thought to your goals, and shopping for your cooling topper will be a breeze.

Today I’ll share the highlights of some of the hands-on reviews of the top cooling mattress toppers on the market […]

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