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Best treadmill 2022: Resolutions now


Even before the pandemic sent most of us scurrying into our homes, treadmills represented a great way to maintain at-home fitness during the cold winter months, or on rainy days. They’re always there, calling you to get up off of the couch, even if there’s too much snow on the ground to go to the gym, or a forecast full of torrential downpours is messing with your planned trail run.

A few years ago, getting your cardio in on a treadmill was a pretty standardized experience. The main differences between models were limited exclusively to things like bed size, motor strength, and available inclines. Now, the market has diversified like never before. Built-in fitness platforms, complete with on-demand and live classes alongside running decks with multi-part cushioning made of shock-absorbing materials for specific portions of the stride, and programmable incline level can simulate virtual runs with real-time visuals on a massive, built-in screen.

Given the major investment a good-quality treadmill represents for budding athletes, it’s important to prioritize the features and components that are best for your personal fitness plan. This list will help everyone from the novice runner to marathoner find the best fit for their needs, without wasting money […]

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