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Best VPN service of 2021

Whether you’re working remotely or you simply want to keep your online information safe from prying eyes, a VPN is key to maximizing your security. But as many people continue to work from home, demand for virtual private networks has been booming and new VPN services keep jumping into the marketplace. That can make it challenging to sort through the options to find the best VPN service to meet your specific needs.

That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you. After researching and testing a multitude of VPN services, we’ve rounded up the best VPN options that are reliable and will keep your privacy totally protected. In our current testing and ranking system , we evaluated more than 20 factors, including security, price, number of server locations, ease of remote access, bandwidth caps, logging, dedicated and dynamic IP, client software and customer support. Below, we’ve listed your best VPN options, including such popular names as ExpressVPN , Surfshark , IPVanish , NordVPN and more.

We’re keeping a close eye on how each VPN provider stands compared with its competitors, as well as any new VPN services that may hit the market. We’ve catalogued our favorite VPN services to date — and […]

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