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Best wireless mouse for 2022


The right mouse paired with an ergonomic keyboard can make a huge difference in your comfort as you work, which is something that anyone who spends days in front of a computer may already understand. The trick is finding a mouse that helps, not hinders, your productivity. That’s more important than whether you choose a traditional computer mouse or a wired mouse, a rollerball or trackpad, but no matter what your mouse preferences are, there’s likely something out there to meet your needs.

If you’re working from home , we recommend looking for a wireless mouse with sensors that work on almost all surfaces, such as the Logitech MX mice. These let you connect to up to three devices by Bluetooth or through their included USB dongle, so you can quickly switch control between computers. However, they can be expensive and if you don’t need to work on a glass table, most newer mice will work on anything other than glass or reflective surfaces. Get the CNET Deals & Promotions newsletter

There are other factors to consider, such as whether the computer mouse has a rechargeable battery or uses replaceable batteries, the number of buttons (some people need the extra […]

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