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Best Xbox gaming headset for 2022


If you’re gaming on the Xbox One or a new Xbox Series X and want to use headphones, you can plug any old standard pair with a mic into the controller’s 3.5mm jack. Note that we said you can do that, not that you should do that. Even a semiserious gamer can tell you that a good set of gaming headphones can be the difference between a successful raid and an embarrassing defeat caused by subpar game audio.

Many people with an Xbox console, whether that be the Xbox One, Xbox Series S or Series X, choose to go with a wired headset simply because it can be plugged into the already wireless controller. It’s also worth noting that many, if not most, options in the wired gaming headset category also work just fine with the PlayStation 5 , Windows PCs, Macs and the Nintendo Switch. Get the CNET TVs, Streaming and Audio newsletter

If you want to eliminate the cord that goes from the controller to your headphones, however, there are plenty of wireless headset options. The nice thing about Xbox wireless headsets options is that most don’t require a USB dongle to connect wirelessly (most PS4 wireless headsets […]

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