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Beyond the Byline: Private equity investors target primary care


Modern Healthcare Insurance Reporter Nona Tepper and Finance Reporter Tara Bannow talk about primary-care practice mergers and acquisitions and why private equity firms are investing in the sector. Subscribe to Beyond the Byline

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Nona Tepper: Hello, and welcome to Modern Healthcare’s Beyond the Byline where we offer a behind the scenes look into our reporting. I’m Nona Tepper, I write about health insurance here. Today, I’m talking with Finance reporter Tara Bannow about investor interest in physician practices. Thanks for joining me, Tara.

Tara Bannow: Thanks for having me, Nona.

Daily Finance Newsletter: Sign up to receive daily news and data that has a direct impact on the business and financing of healthcare. Nona Tepper: So Tara, I know you’ve covered a few big deals this year. One in particular is Keno Health’s $600 million acquisition of University Health Care. I feel like some of your recent reporting has pointed to maybe deals like these are broadly indicative of where the industry is heading, with changes in physician group ownership. Can you walk us through what a few of your recent stories have found?

Tara Bannow: For sure. There’s a lot happening in this area. The American […]

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