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Bioethics at Clarkson University: A compassionate approach to healthcare


If you were a student of Bioethics, would you expect to meet a Broadway actor? For students in the Bioethics program offered jointly by Clarkson University and the Icahn School of Medicine, that is just what will happen.

To immerse students in the ethical practice in medicine and patient interaction, Clarkson ’ s approach to bioethics goes beyond just addressing theoretical questions. A distinguishing feature of the program is its competency-based and skill-based training through its innovative use of standardised patients (SPs) in supervised exercises and real-world simulations.

The program brings in professional actors from New York City’s theatre, film, and television circles who are specially trained to play the role of patients, healthcare professionals, family members, or potential research subjects. Students have the opportunity to engage with the actors and apply their skills in real time to communicate fully about the ethical dimensions of medical procedures, treatments, or research. Source: Clarkson University This activity helps define the role of bioethics: to resolve ethical dilemmas that arise in health-related sciences. This specialised field involves cross-disciplinary concerns in areas such as life sciences, jurisprudence, ethics and philosophy, and public policy. It involves not just healthcare experts, but also lawyers, academics, and civil […]

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