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Bless you! NW allergies and climate change: Today So Far


Allergies are expected to get more severe in the years ahead as climate change progresses and gives more time for pollen to spread.

Also, the much-needed battery industry will soon have a Washington-powered boost thanks to a new operation in Moses Lake.

This post originally appeared in KUOW’s Today So Far newsletter for May 5, 2022.

By now we’ve all had that moment in public. Maybe it was you, or the person next to you, who could not keep in a pesky sneeze.


Then there is that moment, a look, a calm collected manner as if to say: “It’s cool. It’s just allergies.”And judging from the pollen caked on my windshield these days, there are a lot of sneezes happening out there. As KUOW’s Soundside points out , allergies are expected to get more severe in the years ahead as climate change progresses. In short: warmer temps, for longer periods, will give pollen a greater share of the year to spread. Start stocking up on the allergy pills.”And depending on the pollen types, sometimes we’re getting an increase in the pollen magnitude over the season too, and all that contributes to worse allergy symptoms,” said Fiona Lo, a researcher […]

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