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Blessing Health calms anxious COVID-19 patients with RPM tech


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The rural health system’s care teams use remote patient monitoring and their self-developed COVID Action Plan to improve the treatment of patients with the coronavirus. Blessing Health System’s Moorman Pavilion Blessing Health System, based in Quincy, Illinois, was facing a two-pronged challenge.


First, patients with COVID-19 who get hospitalized have an increased level of anxiety and stress related to this diagnosis. Second, once discharged, they are limited in their interactions with family and healthcare providers.

Blessing Health was looking at ways it could provide these patients with a true human connection with their care team, in a safe environment, while monitoring the physiological as well as subjective parameters during their recovery. PROPOSAL Blessing Health turned to telehealth and remote patient monitoring technology vendor CloudDX for a solution. The vendor’s technology had the ability to provide patients a safe environment, while getting medical staff the physiological and subjective data they need to be able to continue assisting in patients’ recovery, said Dr. Irshad Siddiqui, executive vice president and chief of IT and innovation at Blessing Health System.”The survey tools and patient-reported outcomes are important for us to assess how their recovery is […]

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