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Blockchain & Higher Education: How Are They Connected?

The nature of higher education is changing. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, e-learning courses and virtual learning environments are a norm that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. As universities and students require more secure, adaptable systems to handle digital classrooms, the potential of blockchain is undeniable.

When the pandemic initially hit, around 1,100 universities and colleges across the U.S. shifted to an entirely virtual approach. For administrators to effectively navigate digital systems of student billing, payment, coursework, and grades, a decentralized and secure approach are more necessary than ever.

But can blockchain and higher education make a useful and stable connection? How would the application of this fintech help students succeed in an online environment?

We’ll explore this connection here. The Increasingly Virtual Nature of Higher Education

Across the board, education now occurs primarily online for all kinds of students. From kindergarten to college, students are engaging with tech at unprecedented levels as they navigate their coursework, grades, and assignments all through virtual classroom platforms. This means a heavy reliance on applications like Zoom, as well as cloud networks for data storage and management.

Institutions of higher education, including trade schools, all have had to adapt with their […]

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