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Blowing up the Death Star would cause an economic crisis (and other reasons employers shouldn’t pay off workers’ college debt)


Thanks to President Biden ’s March 2021 stimulus legislation, a new tax provision allows businesses to deduct up to $5,250 per employee each year through 2025 to help them pay down their student debt. This certainly sounds like a good benefit — many employees are being crushed under the weight of their student debt.

But there’s an even bigger reason beyond the tax benefit. If you’re an employer, you – yes, you! – can help contribute to amazing research that’s being performed by some of the world’s leading institutions of higher learning. Research that has helped solve some of the mysteries of life and may even help you run your business better. What an opportunity!

What kinds of studies will your loan repayments help fund?

Well, there was research recently done by the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in Australia that found that wearing pajamas while working from home did not lower productivity, and what a relief that is. But researchers there did advise employees to “get changed before beginning work in the morning” because it “might partially protect against the effects of COVID-19 restrictions on mental health, and would be less expensive than the ‘fashionable’ sleep or loungewear gaining popularity as […]

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