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Bluetooth headphones could become as easy to pair as AirPods, without needing any Apple devices


Qualcomm wants to make it easier to pair earbuds to Android mobile devices. Some of the best features of Apple’s AirPods may soon come to non-Apple Bluetooth headphones, thanks to a push by Qualcomm .

One of the biggest benefits of using AirPods Pro or Beats headphones with iPhones , iPads and other Apple devices, reviewers say, is that they “just work.” The earbuds pair quickly with Apple products , they automatically switch between a user’s iPhone and Mac , and features like spatial audio and noise cancellation boost the sound capabilities. That’s largely thanks to the fact Apple designs the technology in both its mobile devices and its headphones, letting it optimize for the features it wants. Now mobile chip giant Qualcomm plans to help Android handset vendors and third-party audio designers offer the same experience to their users, no Apple magic needed. Stay tuned

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Qualcomm on Thursday unveiled its new Snapdragon Sound technology that allows for better audio and easier pairing between earbuds and Android devices, PCs and maybe even TVs . Snapdragon Sound is dependent on hardware and software, so it […]

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