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Bookworm: ‘Incomparable Grace’ – There’s nothing is new in politics


‘Social Lives of Animals’ is perfect for armchair biologists and animal lovers of all kinds

Columnist “Incomparable Grace: JFK in the Presidency”

By Mark K. Updegrove

c. 2022, Dutton

$29, 355 pages

It wasn’t even your idea. If you’d had your druthers, in fact, you would’ve chosen another course of action but the decision was out of your control. The situation was picked not by you but for you and though it wasn’t your idea, you’ll press on. As in the new book “Incomparable Grace” by Mark K. Updegrove, there’s no option but you’ll do your best.It was blisteringly cold on the day that John F. Kennedy was inaugurated. After he took the oath, he removed much of his cold-weather wear to give a brief speech; afterward, he departed for various celebrations while his wife, who’d recently given birth, retired to rest.“Jack” hadn’t initially wanted the job of President, and he wasn’t originally supposed to have it. According to his father, Jack’s eldest brother was perfect for office but when Joe Jr. was killed in World War II, Joe Sr.’s focus turned to Jack. All nine of the Kennedy children grew up with the idea that politics were essential […]

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