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‘Borderless professors’ are the future of global awareness and soft diplomacy

The COVID-19 pandemic vividly reminded us of the interconnected world we live in , not just in terms of how vulnerable this connectedness can make us to a virus that cares nothing for borders but also in terms of how global awareness and cooperation are more important and necessary than ever.

This is not limited to our ability to respond to biological disasters such as pandemics. It is a key factor that also will determine how effectively we respond to other collective crises such as climate change, cybersecurity risks, human rights abuses and the state of democracy around the world. According to a recent report from the Commission for the Human Future , one of the greatest risks to human survival is a failure to understand the interconnected nature of global problems and the cooperation required to solve them. This is where transnational education and borderless professors can play an important role.

Imbuing students with a global perspective is an objective many higher education institutions long have pursued. Traditionally, study abroad programs were the default approach for pursuing this objective, but such programs may not be a realistic option for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Moreover, the pandemic drastically cut the number […]

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