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Borobabi Launches National Road Trip for Circular Economy

NEW YORK, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Borobabi, a clothing company that circulates new and pre-loved children’s fashions, today launched a summer road trip tour of the United States’ most successful circular economy enterprises. Created by a female chemical engineer who recognized an opportunity to save money and protect the planet through supply chain utilization, Borobabi offers parents coveted brands that meet specific environmental and social standards. Offering a unique borrow or buy model, parents acquire and keep items until children outgrow them, or they’re out of season. Borobabi’s circularity model optimizes the inputs, usage and end-of-life of each garment it offers. Borobabi is on a mission in the summer of 2021 to spread the news about growing circular economy business models in the United States. Conscious spending is the new way to save the planet. Follow Borobabi’s journey to connect sustainable game-changers across the country who are on The Circular Frontier. Borobabi, America’s first circular retailer, road trips the U.S. to spread news about emerging sustainable business. Tweet this Children’s clothing, a $16B market globally, suffers from massive underutilization. On average, parents spend more than $700 each year on kids’ clothes, only to see them grow out of […]

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