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Breath Analysis: How Could it Improve Healthcare and Diagnosis?

In this interview, News-Medical talks to Santi Dominguez and Michael Graz, CEOs at
Imspex Diagnostics and Imspex Medical respectively, about the role breath analysis has to play in healthcare and diagnosis. What is breath analysis and where does it fit in the spectrum of detection and diagnosis technologies for medical applications?

Santi Dominguez: Breath analysis has many applications and can be a community-deployable, point-of-care, completely non-invasive way of identifying and controlling many potential health concerns.

It also allows for early detection that will save resources and cost in treatments. This is important because our health services at the moment are mainly focused on diagnosis post-symptom onset and, typically, when the symptoms appear, the situation is already quite serious, which means that any interventions will need to be more significant.

Breath analysis has the potential to be deployed much more widely in the community because it is non-invasive and it is extremely affordable. It could be used for a general state of health check-up on a regular basis, and that would potentially allow screening for the onset of many more serious diseases.

This would enable them to be picked up early and addressed at a stage when addressing them is much cheaper […]

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