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Bring social justice and anti-racism conversations into your classroom


Today’s students will become the citizens, advocates, and leaders of tomorrow, and educators have the opportunity to shape the future every day. This February, educators across the country will celebrate and honor the experiences of Black and African American people and their central role in US history.

The observance is an opportunity for educators to prioritize anti-racism both in their curricula and classroom environments—throughout Black History Month and beyond.

To help educators have anti-racism conversations with their students, Microsoft has partnered with experts across the subject. “The more we normalize discussions about racism, and the more voices and narratives we bring into the classroom, the better,” said Ken Shelton, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and educational strategist who contributed to several new resources for educators.

Today, we are releasing the new “ Anti-racism journey for educators with students ”—in addition to a wide variety of other free resources to help explore and learn more about how to bring these conversations into the classroom.

While these resources are being released during Black History Month, they can help keep this discussion front and center year-round. Anti-racism journey for educators with students

The newly released “Anti-racism journey for educators with students” is a kit […]

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