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CA Attorney General Calls Out Unreported Healthcare Data Breaches


By Jill McKeon

Top stakeholder organizations received the bulletin, including the California Medical Association, the California Dental Association, and the California Hospital Association.

Healthcare entities must alert the California Department of Justice (DOJ) when a data breach impacts more than 500 Californians. As healthcare ransomware attacks increase across the country, it is increasingly important to ensure compliance with data privacy laws and prevent future attacks, Bonta’s bulletin emphasized.

“Entities entrusted with private and deeply personal data, like hospitals and other healthcare providers, must secure information against evolving threats,” Bonta stated in a press release .

“In addition, I implore all entities that house confidential health-related information to be vigilant and take steps now to protect patient data, before a potential cyberattack.”

The attorney general stressed the importance of data security considering the sensitive protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) that healthcare organizations have access to.“Across the nation, cyberattacks on the healthcare sector has interrupted service delivery and patient care, and eroded patient trust,” the bulletin stated.“Data breaches, particularly when they involve sensitive information such as Social Security numbers and health records, threaten the privacy, security, and economic wellbeing of consumers.”When healthcare organizations provide timely notification of a data breach to […]

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