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Campaigning for Senate: Marjorie Eastman hopes to address security, economy, education


Eastman is one of 25 candidates in her race vying for votes in North Carolina’s primary elections on May 17

Marjorie Eastman Marjorie Eastman wasn’t going to wait for an invitation to this year’s U.S. Senate primary. The self-proclaimed “party crasher” said, if elected, she’d bring a new perspective to the position as both a woman and a veteran.

“There’s a lot of value in sending someone that comes from a different walks of life, different perspective, and really just brings it back home to our core values,” Eastman said.

Eastman is one of 14 Republican candidates running for a North Carolina Senate seat. She lives in Cary and is an author, entrepreneur and military spouse. The statewide primary election is May 17. Registered North Carolina voters can vote by mail, early in-person or on Election Day.

The three issues that concern Eastman the most going into the primary come from what she’s heard from North Carolinians. Security, economy and education are all what Eastman said are at stake right now, and she said they are all intertwined..

Eastman has experienced the issue of security first-hand. She enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve following 9/11. Her 10 years of military service included two […]

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