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Can Women Save the Economy?


Let’s admit it. We live in a woman’s world.

Forget about women-not-having-it-all, glass ceilings, affirmative action, the Lilly Ledbetter Act, the War on Women, We Can Do It images and antiquated gender roles: the matriarchy (thank goodness) has arrived and it’s impossible to ignore or resist. This is not a matriarchy of female domination where women are cruel to men; on the contrary, it’s a gradual shift in our society where females can occupy even more of a central role in the moral, political and economic fabric of our times. Of course the woman’s liberation movement didn’t happen overnight, but dawn broke two generations ago and now the midday sun of the movement is shining bright. Look at the facts: More women vote than men, There are more women engineers, doctors, lawyers, consultants, scientists, therapists, analysts, managers, dentists, architects, than ever before. And these numbers too will only increase.

To further illustrate, one must consider education. As a professor who teaches 20 sections of rhetoric and composition per academic year, without fail, whether at a private, community or public university, every single semester there are more women in my classroom than men.

And these women are faring better than the men academically. […]

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