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Carbon-Neutral Blue Hydrogen Can Be More Than a Bridge in a Transformed Hydrogen Economy


Many advocates for a hydrogen economy believe “green” hydrogen, which is produced through electrolysis using renewable energy, will eliminate the need to curtail wind and solar generation. However, there are many reasons why “blue” hydrogen, which is produced from natural gas while using carbon capture technology to reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, could be a better long-term option for hydrogen production.

Now is not the first hydrogen (H 2 ) revolution. The promise of hydrogen’s energy density and carbon-free combustion has attracted the attention of innovators for years, with the earliest concepts on the hydrogen fuel cell published in 1801. As large-scale efforts to decarbonize the global economy ramp up in earnest, hydrogen is once more being positioned as a critical solution for numerous sectors.

Hydrogen produced from fossil energy resources is commonly viewed as a bridge in this energy transition, enabling the build-out of midstream infrastructure and downstream demand while the cost of renewably driven electrolysis of water to produce “green” hydrogen continues to fall. However, a 100% green hydrogen economy may fail to deliver on the potential for hydrogen or unnecessarily delay progress. To avoid another missed opportunity, “blue” hydrogen (derived from fossil fuels with […]

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