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Care navigation during COVID-19 and beyond

Samantha Liss, Healthcare Dive Sanjay Basu is a primary care physician and epidemiologist. He is the director of research at the Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care as well as the VP of research and population health at Collective Health, a healthcare plan administrator.

When COVID-19 cases began rising in the U.S. in early 2020, healthcare providers mobilized quickly to develop guidance and care for people who had contracted the virus.

Due to shelter-in-place orders, providers devised virtual solutions and low-contact options for virus screening and wraparound services like mental and behavioral health support.

Though the healthcare system was stretched thin and health professionals were overworked, major cities like San Francisco managed to maintain infection rates below levels of hospital capacity in conjunction with strong public health mandates in the community.

But COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing once again all over the country, putting hospitals near or over capacity, and the decision to decentralize the coordination, phasing and scheduling of vaccine distribution has led to frustrating delays in rollout.

What’s more, people who have otherwise recovered from COVID-19 are reporting complications including blood clots, shortness of breath, joint and chest pain, and neurologic and mental health issues. A recent […]

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