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Catch and Prevent Healthcare “Snooping”


Healthcare organizations have always been faced with protecting private health information from prying eyes. Not too long ago, health records were physical files that used to require healthcare professionals to walk into the department and manually pull out the printed record. Fast forward to electronic health records (EHRs) and access to private health information has skyrocketed. While this ease of access is beneficial in many ways it also increases privacy risk, as employees have a greater opportunity for snooping.

In the context of healthcare security, the term “snooping” refers to when private medical records are accessed by someone who is not considered authorized under HIPAA. Snooping is often used as a catch-all term that refers to any type of inappropriate record access. It ranges from an employee checking a family or friend’s record, to printing off too much information, to viewing another unit’s patient log. Snooping occurs for a variety of different reasons — curiosity, boredom, desire to be “in the know” — and it can be intentional or by accident. The sad truth is that some employees may not even be aware that they are in fact breaking HIPAA rules through their inappropriate data access. With private health information […]

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