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CES 2022 was the best auto show in years


Mercedes-Benz CES has always been on the fringes of auto-show culture, but over the past few years, automakers have steadily given more and more priority to Las Vegas in January. Despite a number of setbacks in 2022, including media and vendor pullouts over COVID-19 concerns , the show continued on, and the result could qualify as the best auto show in years.

It’s easy to see why CES matters more to automakers — and you, dear car-buying reader — every year. The line between automotive and consumer tech gets blurrier every day, whether it’s tech companies outside of automotive dipping their toes into cars or automakers content to find the most unique applications for their future vehicles. What you see here isn’t just science fiction; many of the innovations outlined below may arrive at dealerships before you know it. Get ready, get set, stream! Amazon Fire TV integration

Amazon has been on the edges of automotive for a while. It’s integrated Alexa into a few cars, but now, its popular Fire TV brand will make its way into the cabin, as well.

Amazon announced that it will expand its Fire TV integration to Ford and Lincoln vehicles . Prior to the […]

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