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Challenging the status quo of healthcare: Jonas Muff tells us about the vision behind Vara


Vara CEO Jonas Muff Founded in Germany in 2018, Vara is fuelled by the conviction that every woman around the world should have access to breast cancer screening. The AI-powered platform, created in tandem with radiologists, combines the strengths of humans and tech to make breast cancer screening more effective, more measurable and more accessible. Implementing Vara’s technology increases the productivity of the screening physician while lowering the risk of missing cancer.

The reality is that every year there are 700k deaths from breast cancer – and 70% of all of these happen in low and middle-income countries. The reason for this is rooted in the ability to detect breast cancer early on, due to a lack of access to technology and specialised doctors. It’s an issue with intersectional implications and one that we should no longer accept.

It’s reported that catching breast cancer early, through sufficient screening programmes, can significantly increase the chances of survival, from 27% to 98%. But, while only a handful of countries offer such screening programmes, there’s a huge gap in how women experience breast cancer and their chances of survival. This is what fuels Vara – a desire to drive impact and make a change, […]

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