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Change Healthcare, AWS Launch Data Science as Service Offering


The DSaas offering provides de-identified claims data, enhanced with social determinants of health information. This allows for enhanced health IT security and care tailored for customers seeking to develop and deploy compliant health analytics at scale.

The service is designed to better assess and improve the effectiveness of interventions and therapies, specifically for underserved and vulnerable populations.

“As much as 80% of our health and well-being is affected by social determinants, such as whether someone can access or afford medical care, their level of healthcare literacy, their access to transportation, and their food and housing vulnerabilities,” Tim Suther, senior vice president of data solutions at Change Healthcare, said in the announcement.

“By integrating data beyond the clinical setting, we can understand how diverse life circumstances affect treatment efficacy. That understanding is key in improving outcomes and healthcare economics,” Suther continued.

Overall, the partnership will improve precision medicine and personalized care.

All insights algorithms developed in DSaaS are monitored and compliant results may be exported for operation behind client firewalls or within Change Healthcare networks.DSaaS offers an operating model to develop insight into therapeutic effectiveness while avoiding inequities due to social determinants, Change Healthcare explained. Each DSaaS is dedicated to a single client, which allows […]

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