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Changing air medical education with games

Emergency and critical care medicine require a mindful yet urgent approach to our patients and clinical thought process. Bringing education that engages the mind and body together stimulates memory, communication, and sensory integration.
We are transitioning from how we currently learn to how we want to learn. The days of listening to a lecture while watching static PowerPoint slides are ending, as we venture into engaging and interactive education. Knowledge is constructed and shaped by experience. By integrating emerging and existing concepts to activate sensory input, we combine unique pieces of past experiences, existing knowledge, and insights to elevate the established framework. Engage in hands-on activities

Learning is an active process and requires interaction to be constructive. Adults learn from each other by participating in social activities and working in groups. We tend to learn best when building upon items we already know. Igniting our minds is the first step; sparking the balance of engaging in hands-on activities and building on our experiences is the second. Proprioception, often referred to as the sixth sense that allows us to know where all of our body parts are in space, highlights why constructivism works, and explains why emerging technology like virtual […]

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