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Charlie Kirk: ‘Guilt is the driver of our politics’ since we ‘removed the mechanics of Christianity’

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk spoke with Fox Nation’s Tucker Carlson on Monday about how American politics is increasingly centered on various constituencies and how they deal with their own, or subject others to, guilt.

Kirk said on “Tucker Carlson Today” that when he travels to college campuses he tries to get the attendees out of the now-typical collegiate debate of “oppressor vs oppressed” – which he called “boring” and not constructive. Fox Nation – America is Streaming

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“It creates deeply unhappy activists, which is exactly what our universities create,” he said. “So then conservatives play into this kind of oppressor-oppressed thing by not being able to deal with the guilt that they feel because they went to these universities.”

Listing off various monikered “guilts” of the present-day – White guilt, wealth guilt, corporate guilt – Kirk suggested that it is difficult to find real “meaning” in politics rather than other aspects of life, such as religion .

“It’s taken the place of theology ,” Carlson interjected.”Right,” Kirk replied. “So a society without meaning will find meaning — and we found it in expiating our own guilt.” Kirk said that American culture has […]

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