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Charter Spectrum versus Kinetic by Windstream: Which ISP is better for your home?


Shopping for home internet service in your area often comes down to two options: a cable internet provider or an alternative to cable, like DSL or fiber. For many, those options are Spectrum and Kinetic by Windstream . If that’s you, you’re likely wondering which is the better choice for your home internet.

A good rule of thumb is that cable internet is better — faster, more reliable, greater value — than DSL , but fiber-optic service often trumps cable for the same reasons. So given the option of Spectrum or Kinetic DSL service, Spectrum will typically be the best choice for speed and value. On the other hand, if fiber is available at your address, you’ll find Windstream tough to beat by any cable provider (Spectrum included). There’s a lot more to it than that, though, so let’s take a look at what sets Spectrum and Kinetic apart. Spectrum offers three speed tiers — 200, 400 and 940Mbps — that are available throughout nearly all Spectrum markets. Pricing is also fairly standard in service areas, but it is a little higher than many providers. A low equipment rental fee helps offset the relatively high starting prices, as […]

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