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Child Care is the foundation of our economy


The shortage of childcare affects availability of workers for all public and private sectors. About half of our family childcare programs have closed since 2010, only 148 slots remain, and of the 801 licensed group center slots over 100 are unavailable due to no teachers. In Green County, parents of approximately 700 children need care for their young children. This impacts local businesses as they adjust hours according to staffing levels, employees job loads are increased, and people spend less. Public schools are losing staff and students due to open enrollment to other communities with wrap around care available.

Unemployment rate hovers around 3%; 70% of women already participate in the workforce (10% more than the national average) and that jumps to 95% once their children are in full day school. Some of these women may be choosing to stay home, but many report being unable to find consistent, quality, affordable care as their reason for leaving employment.

During the state budget process, Green County Development Center and the Green County Child Care Network held a roundtable to discuss the proposed Department of Children and Families addition of childcare as a line item to the State Budget. Parents, business owners, community […]

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