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Christian photographer sues for right to refuse gay customers because she doesn’t work with vampires

A photographer is suing the state of New York for not letting her post a “no same-sex weddings” policy on her website, saying that she should get a religious exemption to the state’s anti-discrimination laws because she is a Christian.

And to prove her sincerity, her lawsuit says that she also refuses “Halloween or Vampire-themed weddings” too.

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No one asked Emilee Carpenter to photograph a same-sex couple’s wedding. But that’s not going to stop the devout Christian from suing the state of New York to overturn its ban on public accommodations discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Carpenter filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday alleging that the state’s civil rights laws violate her First and Fourteenth Amendment rights because she “believes that God created marriage to be a joyful, exclusive union between one man and one woman.”

She says that photographing a same-sex couple’s wedding would violate her freedom of religion, because working at one for money is the equivalent of being forced to say that she supports marriage equality in general.“Just as the government cannot compel a lesbian baker to create a cake condemning same-sex marriage or an atheist […]

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