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Church apologizes for Republican’s bizarre speech about “six four” woman with a “big old mohawk”


Candidate Tim James Photo: Screenshot A church in Alabama issued an apology after a Republican political candidate mocked a woman for being tall and having unnatural hair by calling her a “freak.”

Tim James is running for governor of Alabama, and he is trying to make a name for himself as the meanest candidate in the field. Last month he used pictures of minors from an LGBTQ-inclusive high school in a campaign ad attacking them. He is also bizarrely fixated on the “culture war” battle of yoga in schools.

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He was speaking at the Life Chapel in Rainsville this past Sunday and he talked about visiting Richmond, Virginia – the former capital of the Confederacy – which he said was politically “blue.”

James said that he was surrounded by people who looked like “they were from Mars,” according to CBS 42 .

“There were tattoos from the head to the toe,” James said. “Some girl came walking by. I mean she was about six four, plus her heels, and she had a great big old mohawk, nothing down each side but a tattoo. And it was […]

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