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CIO offers a primer on using AI and machine learning to secure IoT devices

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The chief information officer at Freeman Health describes how he and his team defend everything from HVAC systems to medical devices from hackers looking to wreak havoc. Skip Rollins, CIO at Freeman Health in Missouri Skip Rollins is CIO at Freeman Health, the largest health system in southwest Missouri, with 5,000 employees, including more than 350 physicians on staff. Like healthcare CIOs across the nation, Rollins has been fighting off the sharp rise in Internet of things attacks plaguing the industry.

IoT devices, including medical devices, are prime targets for hackers, because they can be easy back doors into primary healthcare networks, where the hackers can gain control over critical systems and data. Rollins carefully monitors and secures Freeman Health’s extensive use of more than 17,000 IP-connected devices to run its facilities and care for patients.

To help readers with this daunting cybersecurity task, Healthcare IT News interviewed Rollins to discuss the ways he goes about keeping his IoT devices secure, including his use of artificial intelligence IT.

Q: Overall, what are the challenges of securing a healthcare organization’s Internet of things devices? A: We’re seeing an increase in attack surface from the explosive […]

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