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Class Notes: Increasing low-income applicants to selective colleges, paid family leave, and more

This week in Class Notes:

This week’s top chart shows that Americans think some corporations and wealthy people don’t pay their fair share of taxes.

Nicole Lynn Lewis argues that America’s higher education system is not designed to help student-parents succeed in this week’s choice op-ed .

Check out our latest piece on why low birth rates in the US are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

High-achieving, low-income students attend selective colleges at far lower rates than high-income students with similar academic achievement levels. Part of this gap can be explained by the fact that most of the high-achieving, low-income students never even apply to selective schools, despite the potential benefits. Insights from behavioral economics suggest that small changes to the framing of college application choices may have large effects on students’ decisions. Further evidence comes from Susan Dynarski and her coauthors* who identified 2,000 low-income, high-achieving high school students from public high schools in Michigan. Half were mailed a personalized letter encouraging them to apply to the state’s flagship university – the University of Michigan – and pledging four years of free tuition and fees. The letter had very large effects on application decisions. Both […]

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