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Climate change calls for a measured response


I had the pleasure of seeing Ocasio-Cortez proselytizing on one of her Instagram telecasts. When discussing the overwhelming cost of her Green Energy Program her response was not exactly what you might expect from someone carrying the torch for this idea. She simply responded that the cost does not matter because the world is going to end in 12 years if it goes unaddressed, so the price tag is meaningless. This is an existential problem that must be dealt with immediately. It is time to panic.

The issue of impracticability was never discussed despite being a critical part of the equation. This country can not jump headlong into an overnight switch to renewable energy. It is a naïve and juvenile approach, even if you assume the dreaded monster of climate change is real. I insist that we simply do not know enough to make rash decisions. I have previously written (on Dec. 23) that is it hubris to think us mere mortals can control the climate of a planet. What makes matters even more trivial is the thought that the United States can take the lead — we already have. It has accomplished nothing because the two primary polluters are […]

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