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Climate Change, Corporate Development Threaten Groundwater Wells In Texas And Across US

Dominic Anthony Walsh / Texas Public Radio Jeremiah Escamilla stows away a leafblower in a garage next to his family’s new water storage tank. Soft music rolled over the hills and through the mountain laurels, from a neighbor’s backyard to Trisha and Jeremiah Escamilla’s expensive new water storage tank. “Under the rocks and stones, there is water underground,” the Talking Heads’ David Byrne crooned .

About a year ago, 550 feet under the rocks, stones and rolling hills of their Bandera property, there was no water underground. The dry spell lasted two weeks, and the waitlist to get the well serviced was months-long.

“It was not fun having to go get jugs of water from my mom’s and bring them back to flush toilets and stuff,” Trisha said.

There are a lot of mouths to water at the Escamilla household. The couple has two kids and three big dogs.

“It’s scary,” Jeremiah said. “I mean, pretty much anything that breaks down out here, you have the ability to fix or something to do, but when the water goes dry 500 or 600 feet down, there’s nothing you can do. You can’t just make water up here, you know. And then now you have […]

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