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Climate Change, Green Infrastructure, Water Management- Balancing Ecology


Freshwater is rapidly depleting due to unchecked utilization and climate change. While we progress towards a more convenient and advanced way of living, urbanization has led to rising temperatures, depletion of resources, and creating imbalances in ecosystems. Governments, activists, and citizens of the world are recognizing the ailing effects of climate change and increasingly dedicating their efforts towards tackling these. The most visible change is the alteration of precipitation patterns globally – irregular rainfall causing both flooding and drought, snow cover in mountainous regions being completely disrupted and at times disappearing too.

Several such climate change concerns are directly linked with water, and inadequate infrastructural support to conduct wastewater treatment and control water leakages are adding to the shortage of water. Therefore, on this World Water Day, it becomes critical for us to identify the need for robust, strategic and efficient infrastructure. This helps protect and manage water, ultimately moving a step closer to winning the climate change battle.

Need for green infrastructure

While urban India keeps expanding to contribute to the country’s overall development, it also poses a challenge if available resources are not managed efficiently. With cities expected to grow, it is fair to assume that the consumption […]

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