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Climate change is coming for the world’s poles


Illustrated | iStock One notable feature of climate change is how the coldest parts of the planet are seeing the most extreme effects. Up north, for instance, Alaska shattered its statewide temperature record on Dec. 26, when a tidal station off Kodiak Island recorded an incomprehensible 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Nearby Kodiak City registered 65 degrees , which not only broke its record for that particular date by 20 degrees and its monthly record by nine degrees, but also would have set a record for any day between Oct. 5 and April 21. Cold Bay, Alaska broke its daily record by 18 degrees , which would have set a monthly record from November to April.

Setting heat records by that kind of gigantic margin is totally inconceivable without climate change.

Ironically, that warmer, moister air is now expected to hit unusually cold temperatures to produce freezing rain and unusually heavy snow that will encase cities across the state in ice . That kind of erratic see-sawing between extreme conditions is also fast becoming a classic characteristic of climate change.

On the opposite side of the planet, new science has found that a key Antarctic ice sheet is even more unstable than previously thought. […]

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