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Climate Change Is Driving Deadly Weather Disasters From Arizona To Mumbai


Heat waves. Floods. Wildfires. It’s been a destructive summer so far, and forecasts for droughts, fires and hurricanes are looking downright bleak.

We know that climate change is to blame. But how exactly is global warming driving dangerous weather?

Lauren Sommer and Rebecca Hersher from NPR’s climate team broke down the details in a conversation with Morning Edition ‘s Noel King.

The country is experiencing yet another heat wave this week. Is it just us or is this summer unusual?

It’s not just our memories — this past June was the hottest June recorded in the U.S. in more than a century, about four degrees hotter on average. Heat waves (like in the Pacific Northwest ) can be deadly, and many cities are just realizing now how underprepared they are to deal with them.

What’s the connection between these extreme heat events and climate change? There’s been about two degrees Fahrenheit of warming so far worldwide. The number sounds small, but it’s enough to “profoundly shift the statistics of extreme heat events,” according to Dr. Radley Horton, a climate scientist at Columbia University. He says these “dangerous thresholds of really high temperature and high humidity” could potentially happen twice as often […]

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